Tri-County Standards

Where quality is Standard

A little about us.  We are Steve and Carrie Baucom, we live in a small town in southern Ohio on 32 acres.  We have lived here since 1988. We have 3 great son's that are all adults now and 2 wonderful grandchildren.

We got our first standard poodle Bella over 12 years ago. She is solid black and the best girl you could ever ask for.  She is what started us breeding standard poodles. She herself has never had a litter, but is totally responsible for our love of the breed. 

We breed only standards, focusing on health tested, happy, well rounded parti colored dogs. We do not own a kennel and all of our dogs are part of our family. They live with us, travel with us and yes, occasionally stake turns sleeping with us. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. We are always free to answers questions.

The Girls and River enjoying some play time in the 5 acre enclosure we have just for them to run, play and be dogs.